Paughco Swedish Style Rigid Sportster Frames

Available to fit engines from 1957 thru 2003, these frames come in your
choice of a standard width rear section, or a wide one for oversized tires.
The standard frames can accept a 130-series tire with a conventional
1-1/8"-wide rear belt drive assembly or a chain, and the wide frames can
be fitted with a 180-series tire when using a stock belt, or a 200-series
tire when using a chain. All of these frames have Chopper-style necks,
but they do not include gas tank mounts.

NOTE: A Paughco tech will contact you by phone to verify build specs (Engine type, Rear Brake setup, and Extra's). Build to order frames ship in 4 - 6 weeks from build spec verification date (not order date).

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