Yankee Engineuity Motor Mounts, Coil Brackets, And Accessories

The YE line of products are all modular, permitting you to mix
and match the various components with the motor mount,
which is the basis for the finished assembly. The parts illustration
above and to the right of this dialog box, is an example
of some of the parts that can be assembled together.
Begin by referring to the ‘Coil Group Identification Matrix’ on
page 363 to establish which coil(s) you’re using. The coils are
divided into 10 groups identified as A thru K. When you have
determined which group your coil(s) falls into, return to this
page. The coil group determines which coil bracket you will
need, and which accessories and covers are compatible.
Next, look at the chart on the facing page for the engine you
want to install the motor mount on. Then, follow that column
down until you arrive at the part numbers for your coil group.
This will show you which coil bracket you’ll need, and which
cover(s) are available for that bracket and coil combination.
All of the parts listed in the chart on the facing page are
shown in the photo below.

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